Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Funniest Things Of 2009

Funniest Song of 2009: "Jammie Shuffle"

Lonely Island has always hit it out the park with their demented raps. But this glorious paean to pajamas and drugged up knife fights is a bona fide grand slam.

"The pills take hold of your mind and flesh/You're brave and strong; you don't fear death!" Line of the year, bumper sticker of tomorrow.

Funniest Viral Video of 2009: Keyboard Cat

A video shot in the '80s in which a cat plays a keyboard became more than another novelty cat video; it became the all-purpose punchline, used to play off blotto starlets, dunder-headed senators -- any bonehead that drew a blogger's ire. Play us off!

Funniest Movie of 2009: The Hangover

FINALLY! A winner in this category that people have actually seen. Ed Helms, Brad Cooper and Ken Jeong were fine but make no mistake: it was the improvisational dexterity of Zach Galifianakis (he of the best web series, "Between Two Ferns") that led to classic moments like "reTARD" and the baby jackoff scene.

Funniest Television Show Of 2009: "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

Heir apparent to the HBO throne of LA asshole comedies (spawned by "The Larry Sanders Show", natch), "Curb Your Enthusiasm" steered clear of the sitcom cliches of CBS sitcoms and the overwritten excesses of NBC sitcoms at their worst, focusing on the only thing that matters: character. A hapless schlemiel of a character that gave us the comedy event of the year: the "Seinfeld" reunion.

Funniest Stand-Up Comedian of 2009: Paul F. Tompkins

The first two-time winner in this category was the funniest because:

a) he was the best podcast guest of the year

b) he had the funniest album of the year, Freak Wharf

c) all of the above.

"C" is the answer. Apologies to Tompkins for not making "street smart" an option.

Funniest Comedy Double Album Of 2009: Final Engagement, Marc Maron

True this is an arbitrary distinction since there were hardly any other comedy double albums this year, but Marc Maron deserves recognition this year as well. Between this ferociously funny album and his WTF podcast, expect Maron to spearhead the trend in sincere, personal comedy in the upcoming decade along with Louis CK.

Funniest Sketch Group: Derrick

The Mystery Team trailer speaks for itself.

Funniest Website Of 2009: Witstream

So many hilarious quips on Twitter and Facebook. How do you cut through the garbage and find the funny? Enter Witstream, a site founded by Michael Ian Black and Lisa Cohen. Now Paul F. Tompkins, Moshe Kasher and Doug Benson are on the same page along with other great comedians giving you their minute to minute thoughts on everything from movies to bad gigs. It's like Twitter distilled into a new art form: jokes.

Funniest Podcast Of 2009: Best Show On WFMU

Funniest things ever: Paul F. Tompkins and Tom Scharpling riffing on the juggalos as well as Jon Wurster calling up and requesting a song called "Jazz Fart" by Frank Zappa. Don't know if this is a real song; don't care. The winner now and forever is The Best Show. Everything else is soft serve!

Funniest Blog Post I've Written This Year:

Hey Burger King