Monday, April 20, 2009

If You're In New York And You Want To See Me...

I usually don't promote upcoming shows on this blog but I am REALLY excited about these next two shows.

TONIGHT: I am doing Monday Night Stand-Up at Pete's Candy Store. The show is hosted and produced by the lovely and high-larious (especially on 4/20)Jennifer Dzuria. Also featuring:

Tim Ellis has a one-man show called, "An Inquiry Into Human Understanding." I went to go see it to make sure it didn't have too much in common with my own philosophy-oriented one-woman show. Fortunately, Tim had never donated his eggs to a gay man.

Cody Hess is from Texas. According to his MySpace page, his heroes include his parents, and "cowboys."

Jeff Kreisler is a winner of the Bill Hicks Spirit Award for Thought Provoking Comedy and was a writer for Comedy Central's Indecision2008.

Becky Yamamoto has a really awesome-looking website.


Don't forget Intermission-the show I produce with Matt Nagin-this Wednesday (4/22) 7:30-9 at Ochi's Lounge in the basement of Comix (14th and 9th). I am hosting and man do we have a line-up that will leave laugh scars-let alone laugh lines-on your face.

IAN JENSEN (Botanica, Joe Franklin's)
MIKE KRAMER (featured Daily News, NYC Underground Fest., Dutch TV)
MATT NAGIN (featured NY Post, host Intermission)
EL BOB (clubs, colleges)
Musical guest Michelle Leona!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Absolutes Of Mo

One of the most difficult things in any artistic endeavor is finding your voice: what makes you you? I came up with a list of absolutes-of things that are immutable, that have been true practically all my life-as an exercise to see what makes Mo Diggs Mo than just Diggs.

- I hate mayonnaise:
Since I was eight years old, I have been repulsed by the idea of mayonnaise. How much? If my girlfriend started to eat mayonnaise I would break up with her. If you covered all my cash with mayonnaise I would throw it in the vicinity of a homeless person. If you told me my brain had mayonnaise in it, I would learn how to give myself a lobotomy on YouTube.

- I love Queen and Led Zeppelin
Folks, I've been through many musical phases: metal; indie rock; electroclash; intelligent dance music; conscious backpacker hip-hop; soundtrack music. Through it all I've never changed the station/pressed "next" on the iPod when a Queen or Led Zeppelin song comes on. This doesn't exactly make me look cool: both bands were the alpha and omega of overproduced hi-fi stadium rock.

Fuck electroclash

- I will always love the feeling of getting out of work
This does not mean I do not like work. The downside of unemployment is that the whole day becomes relatively uneventful. At 5 pm on a workday I get out of work. Joy! At 5 pm on a weekend I check my e-mail for the billionth time.

What are YOUR absolutes?