Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Absolutes Of Mo

One of the most difficult things in any artistic endeavor is finding your voice: what makes you you? I came up with a list of absolutes-of things that are immutable, that have been true practically all my life-as an exercise to see what makes Mo Diggs Mo than just Diggs.

- I hate mayonnaise:
Since I was eight years old, I have been repulsed by the idea of mayonnaise. How much? If my girlfriend started to eat mayonnaise I would break up with her. If you covered all my cash with mayonnaise I would throw it in the vicinity of a homeless person. If you told me my brain had mayonnaise in it, I would learn how to give myself a lobotomy on YouTube.

- I love Queen and Led Zeppelin
Folks, I've been through many musical phases: metal; indie rock; electroclash; intelligent dance music; conscious backpacker hip-hop; soundtrack music. Through it all I've never changed the station/pressed "next" on the iPod when a Queen or Led Zeppelin song comes on. This doesn't exactly make me look cool: both bands were the alpha and omega of overproduced hi-fi stadium rock.

Fuck electroclash

- I will always love the feeling of getting out of work
This does not mean I do not like work. The downside of unemployment is that the whole day becomes relatively uneventful. At 5 pm on a workday I get out of work. Joy! At 5 pm on a weekend I check my e-mail for the billionth time.

What are YOUR absolutes?


Abbi Crutchfield said...

I don't have any absolutes that come to mind except that if it's sold in an infomercial, it must be amazing. What if a leprechaun under a bridge told you he could make you as famous as Queen, and all you had to do was eat a spoon ful of mayonnaise?

Would you possibly consider vegennaise, which is not made of eggs at all?

Mo Diggs said...

Interesting. Probably not because I want to be more famous than Queen.