Monday, July 27, 2009

Inconvenient Truth: Al Gore's Kinda Funny

At least that's what this Un-Cabaret blog post seems to imply:

Once Al Gore stopped pretending to be a 'serious' politician and started making fun of himself, he suddenly became a lot more likeable and trustworthy - even when he was delivering an inconvenient truth.

Scoff all you want, Al Gore's daughter wrote for Futurama. This may explain Obama's appeal too, making self-deprecating jokes about being from Krypton.

Wasn't Bush self-deprecating? Yeah - WAY after the fact. When he made his flubs, he never addressed them immediately. He just said them with such a serious face one couldn't help but laugh at him.

So politicians; be more Jon Stewart, less Stephen Colbert.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Remembrance Of Video Past #65: Duran Duran, "All She Wants Is"

When I was 13, nothing was funnier than an orgasm in a pop song. Twenty years later, you would think I would stop howling with laughter at the ecstatic moans toward the end of this song. Trouble is, these moans are sequenced with synthesizers, making it sound like a sex piano (or sex keytar).

What's makes it even funnier is as these moans creep up on the soundtrack, the female protagonist faints in front of an open fridge. You're welcome.


Monday, July 06, 2009


Taken from Beth Lapides' page (more on her significance here) is this annotated video of Patton Oswalt at Un-Cabaret. The annotations dissect how, when asked questions about his anecdote, Oswalt's responses are not only funny but truthful and within his character. It's not so much that he's on. It's more like he's really present onstage.

In this sense comedy is like reporting: Patton Oswalt is giving the story while Lapides (the hostess who asks questions to elicit further information) is like the editor, demanding even a seasoned vet like Oswalt to give more detail and to answer any lingering questions.