Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm Coming To Your Borough (Probably)

If you live in downstate New York that is.

On August 10th, I hit Manhattan at the UG! Comedy Show for comic/producer Justin Murray's birthday show!

Then on August 19th, I'm headed to Queens to do a set at Waltz-Astoria.

Brace yourself Nassau; you're next. I'm gonna bring some thunder to the Wyld Chyld tattoo parlor in Merrick on August 21.

At the end of the month, Brooklyn feels the heat at World's Greatest Grandson in Greenpoint.

For more details check out the Upcoming Shows tab on the sidebar. Come watch me-isn't it about time you made a bold choice?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

See My Stand Up Comedy Show TONIGHT!!!

This is one of the best lineups in a long time! Join host Tim Warner (opened for Doug Stanhope) as he presents some of the very best up and coming comedians in New York City including:

* Dan Goodman (opened for Drew Carey, BEST stand-up comedy writer in NYC)

* Adrienne Iapalucci (Winner of the People’s Choice Opening Act
Competition @ New York Comedy Festival)

* Jeff Wesselschmidt (Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival)

* Jessie Richardson (writer for Witstream [check out her quips here])

* Harry Terjanian (MTV U)

* Maddog Mattern (Sirius XM)

* Mo Diggs (Time Out New,

* Pat Rigby

Wednesday March 24


When: Wed, March 24, 7:30pm – 9pm
Where: Ochi's Lounge, 353 W. 14th Street New York, NY

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

World's Greatest Grandson TONIGHT!

I'm gonna be doing a Greenpoint comedy show tonight. Very exciting because Greenpoint really is a very interesting place for comedy. Coco 66 has some great shows. But tonight's show that I'm doing (World's Greatest Grandson) is at Van Gogh's Radio Lounge. How exciting is that name? Sounds like a steampunk comedy club.

Here's what comic/producer of the show Bill Chambers has to say:

Tonight! World's Greatest Grandson
World's Greatest Grandson returns in March with shit loads of fuck-all! This month we have: Dan Goodman! Adrienne Iapalucci! Dan Mahoney! Mo Diggs! Tim Warner! Fraser Young! and sketch comedy by...World's Greatest Grandson returns in March with shit loads of fuck-all!

This month we have:

Dan Goodman!
Adrienne Iapalucci!
Dan Mahoney!
Mo Diggs!
Tim Warner!
Fraser Young!
and sketch comedy by Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting!

Hosted by Bill Chambers!

Tuesday, 3/2/2010
Van Gogh's Radio Lounge
147 Franklin St (btwn India & Java)
Greenpoint, Brooklyn
G Train to Greenpoint Ave

In addition to the great selection of comedians we have scheduled for tomorrow night, I'm very happy to announce a rare special appearance by The Dare To Be Stupid Dancers.

If you aren't already aware of TDTBSD, it's essentially a bunch of fat kids in Hawaiian shirts, dancing around to "Weird Al" Yankovic songs.

They really have a lot of fun, laughing and dancing to "I Love Rocky Road" and other Weird Al songs, just laughing their fat asses off, doing the "Monkey" and the "Funky Chicken" and so forth, until they're all on the floor, rolling around, giggling hysterically.

It's pretty much the best thing ever; you really have to see it.

Weird Al dancers. WEIRD AL DANCERS!!!! C'mon you can DVR Lost (I am). Come watch me and the Weird Al Yankovich dancers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Remembrance Of Video Past #66: Billy Joel, "You're Only Human (Second Wind)"

This song doesn't have much retro kitsch value. When people remember the good ole days, they wanna remember Duran Duran's "Rio" or Michael Jackson's "Thriller." They don't want to remember this midtempo adult-contemporary blue eyed soul hit from 1985 about suicide. "You're Only Human" was written by Billy Joel in order to prevent teens from killing themselves. Might as well fix a drum by cutting it open and doing surgery.

I don't know what's sadder; that this existed or that when I was nine and I saw this at the end of "Entertainment Tonight" I was moved. The metal guys were "mean" in my opinion back then because the news said they sang about suicide as a good thing but Billy Joel wanted people to NOT do that, so he joined Mr. T and Punky Brewster in my League of '80s Good Guys.

The video is about this kid who wants to jump off a bridge (presumably because he's wearing a denim vest) but Billy Joel swoops in and shows him what life would be like without him like in "It's a Wonderful Life." The drowning teen is Adam Savage, host of MythBusters. Ironic moment: at one point Billy Joel is sipping champagne while sitting on a car.

Despite the depressing lyrics, the music is upbeat and peppy. Even ABBA knew better than to write a song about suicide with...

Oh yeah, at one point, Billy Joel flubs a verse, and laughs. Glad to see you're having fun Piano Man. If it's OK with you, I'm going to choke myself on the vomit you've so graciously induced from me. One of the lines in the song is "You're supposed to make mistakes." Ah, but you're not supposed to record them.


Monday, February 01, 2010

No 4th Anniversary For Blog?

Well truthfully I've gotten out of the habit of blogging on this site. This site has become more of a one-stop-shop for all thing Mo Diggs. Indeed, your best bet will be to check the Twitter feed to the right. THAT'S where the action is?

Why not so much blogging? Short of it is I work at a place where I don't have time to blog and I do stand-up at night. Of course, there will ALWAYS be exceptions. For instance, I love doing my year-end lists. Plus every now and then I have some long-winded fluff I wanna write about the nature of comedy.

But instead of seeing this site as a "blog" consider it a place to see what's up with Mo. With Mo's tweets, Facebooks, upcoming shows, etc.

And rest assured, if there is ever any SUBSTANTIAL news I want to share (getting interviewed by Gothamist, etc) I will post it here first.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Set Your DVRs

John Oliver's new stand-up show, "John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show" premieres tomorrow at 11 pm with Maria Bamford, Nick Kroll, Greg Fitzsimmons and Eugene Mirman. Future guests will include Paul F. Tompkins, Janeane Garofalo, Marc Maron, Brian Posehn, Kristen Schaal, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Matt Braunger, Hannibal Buress, Pete Holmes, Amy Schumer, Chris Hardwick, Matt McCarthy and Hari Kondabolu.

Here's a clip:
Stand-Up: John Oliver - Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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