Thursday, September 25, 2008

Outside The Scene

Louis CK:

A comedy club is a place where a completely random group of people come together to see a show. It's not a "scene." So I think, in some ways, the reaction you get from a comedy club is more honest.

I've done two shows recently at alt-rooms where the audience consisted of the producers' friends and family. I struggled a little bit at both. The first show like this I thought "man, these people just don't get it. I really miss performing for comedy nerds."

The second time I embraced it. Especially after watching some other "hot comics" struggle a little bit. The truth is, many of the hottest comics on the scene (let alone not so hot ones like myself) have been spoiled by the nurturing, generous laughs of the McSweeney's-NPR crowd.

But the "friends and family" of the producer - those are "real people." These are the people you will have to win over to really be a great stand-up. If you only care about a movie deal or a viral video, fair enough, you might be able to go above them.

But if you genuinely want to develop your craft and become more than just an underground darling, go with the "friends and family" package whenever you get a chance.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Start The Insanity

Remember Susan Powter: the '90s diet guru whose catchphrase was stop the insanity?

Well looks like she's getting STARTED with the insanity. Check out her video blogs at Urlesque.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Why I Wanna Shoot My Mouth

Decent day so far: my Apiary article gets some serious linkage despite some rightfully outraged comments over a half-baked 9/11 comparison. Then URLesque links to my "Twins" post.

But at the very end of my work day, as punishment for being idle when I should be checking on claims, I stumbled across one of the hottest, sexiest funniest actresses in history (Kristen Bell from Heroes and Veronica Mars fame) getting joke raped by Dane Cook and Jay Leno on The Tonight Show. Here's the clip (by clip I mean clip I am putting into my 60 caliber Nitro pistol before I deep throat it and write a wry suicide note saying "Happy Friday.")

Emotional apocalypse starts at 5:05.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Street Joke

I was walking in this sketchy neighborhood the other night and these two toughs were walking near me looking all thuggish ruggish. Thuggish was telling Ruggish what we call in the industry a "street joke" ("What did the rabbi say to the priest," etc.). But this was a REAL street joke from the mean streets of Astoria Queens.

The guy said "What do you call an Indian with a dot on his forehead?"
"A target."

That joke is SOOOOO wrong. What he should have said was "What do you call an Indian with a dot on her forehead?"

I'm pretty sure they shot up the convenience store they were walking into. Not sure-I was too busy running.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Remembrance of Videos Past #59: Philip Bailey & Little Richard, "Twins"

I can just hear this song and laugh for a fortnight. '80s Little Richard-what an anachronism. That's like a Bluetooth-enabled telegraph.

For those of you too young, this is from the Danny DeVito Arnold Schwarzenneger vehicle Twins. Back when Arnold thought he was funny, once again confirming that, between "airline jokes," sitcoms and this film, the '80s were the worst time for comedy. And for Little Richard. Though the short-lived genre of Little Richard humor was in full swing.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Things To Check Out

Great musician named Lizzy Grant at Mercury Lounge:

Lizzy Grant
September, 20 2008 at Mercury Lounge: The Little Death
217 E Houston St, New York, New York
Cost : 10


An interesting web miniseries named Sinister Dexterity:

Here's the first episode (two parts):

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tim And Eric Back To Internet Roots

I usually don't like toilet humor but this video is the series finale of a Tim and Eric Internet series for Atom Films.

You get to see it before I do cos I am at work. Let me know how it is in the comments.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


More here from my friend John Knefel
with whom I work along with Ed Murray at Comedy Free Williamsburg.


It's one of the funniest damn shows in NYC.

Ed Murray (McSweeney's) and John Knefel (23/6) host national headliners and New York's best underground comedians ... who are actually funny.
This show erases the memory of all the terrible stand-up comedy you've seen in NYC.
Open Bar from 7-8pm separates the adults from those who lack self-esteem ... don't come and act like it's your first open bar, you'll be shown to the sidewalk.

comedy free williamsburg
@ Sound Fix
110 Bedford/N 11th
(L to Bedford, G to Nassau)
Open Bar 7-8pm, Show @ 8pm

This week featuring
ROB CANTRELL (last comic standing)
PAT DIXON (comedy central presents)
GIULIA ROZZI (jimmy kimmel, mtv)
ARJ BARKER (flight of the conchords)
& sketch from MURDERFIST

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Rolling Stone Discovers Alternative Comedy, Internet

It's 2005 all over again! A good three years after Spin Magazine declared alternative comedy the trend of the year and after YouTube was first publishing videos, Rolling Stone is perking up its ears and heralding a watershed moment.

Here are some of the other articles in the latest issue:

Why Dirigibles Are Inferior To Warplanes

A Future Where Music Is Downloaded


No link available for comedy story but check out all their YouTube piece!