Thursday, September 25, 2008

Outside The Scene

Louis CK:

A comedy club is a place where a completely random group of people come together to see a show. It's not a "scene." So I think, in some ways, the reaction you get from a comedy club is more honest.

I've done two shows recently at alt-rooms where the audience consisted of the producers' friends and family. I struggled a little bit at both. The first show like this I thought "man, these people just don't get it. I really miss performing for comedy nerds."

The second time I embraced it. Especially after watching some other "hot comics" struggle a little bit. The truth is, many of the hottest comics on the scene (let alone not so hot ones like myself) have been spoiled by the nurturing, generous laughs of the McSweeney's-NPR crowd.

But the "friends and family" of the producer - those are "real people." These are the people you will have to win over to really be a great stand-up. If you only care about a movie deal or a viral video, fair enough, you might be able to go above them.

But if you genuinely want to develop your craft and become more than just an underground darling, go with the "friends and family" package whenever you get a chance.


Abbi said...

Other real crowds: Midwesterners, Southerners, Blacks, Asians, Latinos, the elderly, teachers, Corporate America... there will be gigs outside of Rififi. Especially now that it's closed. There's a whole world of people to make laugh out there!

Re: "not so hot ones". That Hansel is so hot right now. What are you, chopped liver? It's all about hard work.

Mo Diggs said...