Friday, September 19, 2008

Why I Wanna Shoot My Mouth

Decent day so far: my Apiary article gets some serious linkage despite some rightfully outraged comments over a half-baked 9/11 comparison. Then URLesque links to my "Twins" post.

But at the very end of my work day, as punishment for being idle when I should be checking on claims, I stumbled across one of the hottest, sexiest funniest actresses in history (Kristen Bell from Heroes and Veronica Mars fame) getting joke raped by Dane Cook and Jay Leno on The Tonight Show. Here's the clip (by clip I mean clip I am putting into my 60 caliber Nitro pistol before I deep throat it and write a wry suicide note saying "Happy Friday.")

Emotional apocalypse starts at 5:05.

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