Thursday, September 18, 2008

Street Joke

I was walking in this sketchy neighborhood the other night and these two toughs were walking near me looking all thuggish ruggish. Thuggish was telling Ruggish what we call in the industry a "street joke" ("What did the rabbi say to the priest," etc.). But this was a REAL street joke from the mean streets of Astoria Queens.

The guy said "What do you call an Indian with a dot on his forehead?"
"A target."

That joke is SOOOOO wrong. What he should have said was "What do you call an Indian with a dot on her forehead?"

I'm pretty sure they shot up the convenience store they were walking into. Not sure-I was too busy running.

1 comment:

Aalap said...

Good use of thuggish ruggish. Now if you can slip in a reference to David Robinson's wiley(?) moccasins then i'll really be impressed.