Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Prince is King

You might doubt Prince's coolness, but here's 5 reasons why he's the greatest.

1)His pan-ethnic musical style paved the way for Outkast.
2)His incorporation of New Wave style made him the first ethnic hipster.
3)He plays every instrument in the galaxy.
4)He dresses like the gayest man this side of the Halloween Parade, yet women find him sexy because he rides a motorcycle.
5) An award show is stale without Prince. Case in point: The Artist received a Webby Lifetime Achievement Award with the following five word speech: "Everything you think is true."

Though you cynics might think that was his cryptic way of coming out of the closet, I think it refers to our current draconian administration and a grim corporate infrastructure that increasingly steals bandwidth from hardworking web entrepeneurs.

via Boing Boing

PS: Thank Music4MyMind for this great video

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