Monday, August 11, 2008

Bernie Mac RIP

Mac was amazing. He had a distinct personality. He retired at the top of his game much the way I hope to. And yet he did have a blossoming film career (Ocean's 11, etc). Milk and coookies forever man.


Jerell said...

I bet he's talking to Pryor, how The Toy was a bad career move.

Mo Diggs said...


Abbi said...

Bernie Mac didn't even live long enough to make bad career moves. Questionable ones, but not bad by any means.

PS: How come nobody told me about this??

Mo Diggs said...

Guess Who was more Ashton's fault. Imagine it were Seth Rogen or even Jason Segel instead?

Abbi said...

That could have been fun. Others that contended for Ashton's role:
Topher Grace (he was busy promoting In Good Company, another disappointing "Hey old guy, I'm dating your spoiled princess of a daughter!" flick)
John Heder (They wouldn't agree to a million takes per scene)
A wet noodle (too talented)

The casting choice I would have made would be to replace Zoe Saldana with ME.