Monday, October 27, 2008

Schtick Or Treat

This show was awesome! I'd like to thank Matt Ruby and Mark Normand for having me on and I'd like to thank The Comic's Comic for giving me my first write-up:

Other highlights: Jared Logan as Kevin Meaney, Mara Herron as Janeane Garofalo, Chelsea White as a female version of Mitch Hedberg, Mo Diggs as Carlos Mencia telling the bit he stole from Cosby, Becky Ciletti as Sarah Silverman, Jamie Lee doing Maria Bamford's voices in a bit we'd both seen Bamford do live just a week earlier, and there were inspired takes on Steven Wright, Gallagher (with mini sledge-o-matic and slice of watermelon), Larry the Cable Guy, Yakoff Smirnoff

I hope to do this again next year!


Lucas Held said...

Carlos Mencia gives swarthy German dudes a bad name. and that name is Deutschenschwartzen.

Mo Diggs said...

Instead of Mind Of Mencia his show should be called Mein Kampf Mencia