Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Third Anniversary Of This Blog (One Day Off)

Three years ago (January 12, 2006) I started this blog. Now, in addition to my Apiary and Dead Frog writings, I have since appeared on MTV.Com, had an open mike at Rififi, done WAY MORE SHOWS than I have before (please check upcoming shows), got a write-up in The Comic's Comic, become the announcer for a hot show at Soundfix Records in Williamsburg called Comedy Free Williamsburg and produced a monthly show at Ochi's called Intermission.

In short, I've done everything but blog.

Here are some highlights from the past three annual cycles:


First Blog Post Ever

Kidz Bop Trend

New Hip Hop Subcultures


The Rudest Pan-Asian Cuisine Menu

Worst Funk Awards

1990: Worst Year In Pop Music History?


Not Only Is It Super Tuesday

Mo Diggs As Guy Ernest

Hug Orgy

Notice how everything's in threes (third anniversary)? Happy birthday to blog!


Abbi Crutchfield said...

Happy Birthday to the worst thing to happen to comedy since the Internet! I got myself a lint-free cloth to remove the smudge marks from my monitor. The better to read you with, my dear!

Mo Diggs said...


Lucas Held said...

congragulations (sp?)!!!

Mo Diggs said...


Brian said...

Happy 3years Mo!