Monday, June 29, 2009

Best Viral Video Of The Year (About MJ Media Hypocrisy)

I've seen Jon Lajoie's work and I've always thought it was OK but nothing could prepare me for this scathing rebuke of the hypocritical media's reaction to Michael Jackson's death. Before Jackson's death he was demonized as a child-touching pariah. Now he's been crowned the King of Pop by everybody carbon-based life form. Which is it? Lajoie seems to lean towards the "kid-diddling sicko" view, but he keeps his unwavering focus on the media circus that interviewed vapid talking head after vapid talking head.

There have been plenty of hilarious viral vids this year but this is one of the precious few that challenges the status quo. Indeed I can't think of another viral video produced exclusively for the web that does.

NSFH (Not Safe For Hypocrites)


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Anonymous said...

white skeleton robot. harrrhahaarrrrhaaaaaaaaaaahhhrrrrrrrr!!!