Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Remembrance of Videos Past #49: Guns N Roses, "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" (Live at the Ritz)"

I never liked the studio version of this song on Use Your Illusion II. This, however, is GN'R in all their ragged, coke-freeze glory.
A '90s era Guns song played during the Appetite days. Slash's solo here is like giving cunnilingus to a banana bread muffin. And the banter.

"You know what time it is right now?"

It's the one year anniversary of "Remembrance of Videos Past."

Here's a look back at all the others.

And here's the one year anniversary special.

So great watching the audience trying to get louder than Axl.


Black Crowes, "Thorn in My Pride"


RG Daniels said...

Nothing quite butchers a classic like the safety pin-esque squelch of Axl Rose. I hope Dylan cashed out well on that arrangement.

And for that matter, McCartney, too, for Live & Let Die.

RG Daniels said...
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