Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Third Annual Jim Belushi Unfunny Awards

Belushi For Least Funny Song: "Lying (The Barack Hussein Obama Song)"

There have been so few unfunny songs this year I had to search "Obama parody" on YouTube to find this stinker. I could have searched "Palin Eats An Ugly Singing Baby" and topped this but I could not endure further research. This is sung to the tune of "Crying" by Roy Orbison. Enjoy the epithets in the comments!

Belushi For Least Funny Viral Video: "Macy's Thankgiving Parade Day Rick Roll"

Rick Rolls in general make me Rick Roll my eyes but this one, in which Astley actually humiliates himself on a float, is too miserable for words. "Ha, I'm hip with the joke. I get the opposite effect of the RickRoll in the mirror; I expect to see myself and instead I am shocked by the spectral image of the Ghost Of Blue Eyed Soul Past."

Belushi For Least Funny Movie: Beverly Hills Chihuaha

Didn't see it. Maybe would have if it were at least called Beverly Chills Chillhuaha and it were directed by Greg Johnson.

The Belushi For Least Funny Show: Two And A Half Men

Whenever I visit my mom and my stepfather, they watch this and get mad at me for going to the computer room because I do not spend enough time with them. When I recently bashed this show at an open mike, some people were upset that I didn't like it. Not only does this three-camera monstrosity suck, but it is driving a wedge between me and the people I love.

The Belushi For Least Funny Stand-Up: Jeff Dunham

And he is the worst comic yet. At least Dane Cook and Carlos Mencia use words. Not since Carrot Top has stand-up been so brazenly travestied.

Belushi For Least Funny Sketch Comedy: Frank TV

Second year in a row. TBS, you have a lot of explaining to do. Can't you do an UnLeno and move him to late night? Or eaaarly morning.Or Turn Off Your TV Day.

Belushi For Least Funny Website: Ebaum's World

The only three time winner on this blog for best AND worst comedy.

The Big Belushi For '08: Jeff Dunham

Jeff Dunham's Christmas special this year got more viewers than a South Park episode that was inexplicably popular as well. The most viewers Comedy Central has ever had.

Stella and Dog Bites Man got canceled but this makes CC history.
Jack Bauer, You've Let Us Down


Abbi said...

I can't openly trash it in the hopes that I may one day grace its stage, but can honorable mention go to a certain comedy panel show where certain comics tell disjointed material to a host in front of a certain fish tank?

Also, LOL at 3-and-a-half Men.
You're wrong about Frank TV though now that they've switched to a Chappelle Show format. You should have given it to Mad TV since network heads would agree with you.

The Big Belushi goes to Judd Apatow, just because it takes balls to say so. And I am getting the jump on the next thing hipsters love to hate.

Mo Diggs said...

Hahah Judd Apatow huh? I would say overrated more than unfunny.

Jerell said...

Abbi, once Frank starts impersonating Lil' Jon and Prince, it's all over.

Why are you guy and lady Apatow-hatin'? He produced The Cable Guy. Give him that much of credit.

Abbi Crutchfield said...

Frat stuff doesn't make me laugh. Never has.

Did you know Chris Farley was originally slated to play Carrey's role in Cable Guy? I think Sacha Baron Cohen could have done an interesting version too.

Mo Diggs said...

I did not know that? I was wondering why Apaatow and Stiller would choose Carrey.