Friday, May 01, 2009

Remembrance Of Video Past #64: Richard Marx, "Hazard"

We've all heard lite rock before but how about lite rock with A MURDER MYSTERY?! I saw ads for this song in 1992 asking the cryptic question "Who killed Mary?" I first heard this song in my parent's rental car in Florida. It has an ominous sound, like a bad police procedural with spooky synth noises.

Richard Marx plays this guy accused of murder but he maintains is innocence. In the beginning he is shown being teased as a child. Later he finds out his mom is an adulterer and burns a random person's house as a little kid. He eventually dates Mary, who is found dead in the river. It is up to the listener to decide if Marx's character killed Mary or not.

I'd like to think he did it because an easy listening song by a murderer is funnier than a power ballad sung by a cold blooded killer.


Abbi Crutchfield said...

Without watching this video, as my work computer has no sound, and without Googling the lyrics, is this the song that goes, "I swear I left her by the river. I swear I left her safe and sound..."?

Because if it's not, then that's a lot of murder mystery pop songs to be writing about girls drowning in rivers. I used to think Man in the Mirror was about a creepy man that lives in your mirror. "Change your ways you brute!"

Mo Diggs said...

Yes this is the one with those lyrics.

So basically Man in the Mirror was Candyman. Little did you know how much scarier Jacko is.