Friday, November 06, 2009

Comedian-To-Watch Dan Goodman Has A Hot Website!

It's been said before: politically incorrect jokes don't work unless they're funny. Well all jokes don't work unless they are funny. But some jokes challenge the prevailing social mores of race, religion etc. and yet-

GAAAH! This is why I more or less quit comedy journalism. Just know this: comedian Dan Goodman is the real thing. Comedy sites like The Apiary and The Comic's Comic have been profiling hot up-and-coming alt comics. They are great, but when it comes to great up-and-comers who get respect downtown and uptown like Louis CK and Bill Burr, the number one name that comes to mind is Dan Goodman.

Well he's got a new website that you should check out.

Here are some cool-sounding features from his website:

Ghetto Myspace Pic of the Week

30 seconds of Hell

this ASAP!

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