Monday, December 03, 2007

Activity Of The Day: Do Bike Jump Over Evel Knievel’s Tombstone

I know what you’re thinking: cheap, tasteless irony. But do you honestly think Knievel would have it any other way? Here’s what I envision: one kid doing a simple bike jump over the headstone. Then another runt tries to top him and jump two stones. Before New Year’s, the whole graveyard will be jumping and shaking with energy and gaiety.

Two hundred years from today, passersby will walk past a cemetery with flaming hoops and motorcycles and ask for an explanation. The Cohen Brothers Narrator will tell the Evel Knievel story on cue and it will be the hottest graveyard ever.

At my funeral, I want drink specials and burlesque dancers.


Jerell said...

Knievel's in that big monster truck arena in the sky, ghost ridin' the wihp!

Mo Diggs said...

he's doing the big wheelie