Monday, January 14, 2008

Second Anniversary Of My Blog

On Jan. 12 2006, I launched this digital scroll of cybernetic humor. Two years since I started I have been a contributor for the Apiary as well as Dead Frog, I have been interviewed in Time Out New York and I'm actually getting some real spots (see the upcoming shows category).

Here's a look back at two years of the worst thing to happen to comedy since the Internet. What a LOLlercoaster it's been.

First Blog Post Ever

The Decline Of Porn

Kidz Bop Trend

Remembrance Of Videos Past

New Hip-Hop Subcultures


The Rudest Pan Asian Cuisine Menu

How To Build Your Own Interrogation Room

In The Future Everything Will Play Music

Maxim's Review of Dane Cook's Performance in Mr. Brooks

What Ahmadinejad Said Off-Stage At Columbia University

Worst Funk Awards

Do This On Thanksgiving...

1990: Worst Year In Pop Music History?


nablatnom odracir said...

felicitaciones amigo

Mo Diggs said...

Thanks Ricardo

Why must I always get the cryptic comments?

RG Daniels said...

whoa, crazy ill anniversaries

hooray for the Mobot!

Mo Diggs said...

thanks RG

Mobot powering down

Bella Rossa said...

Happy blogiversary! You are very funny.

Mo Diggs said...

Aw schucks thank you

Jerell said...

Merry post anni-blog-versary. That jpeg cake was delicious. I tasted a hint of lemon.

Mo Diggs said...

The lemon accentuates the calamari taste