Thursday, January 03, 2008

Remembrance Of Videos Past #53 & #54: Melissa Manchester, "You Should Hear How She Talks About You"; Laura Branigan, "Gloria"

In 1982, I heard these two songs during a car ride from Jersey City to Queens with my mom and my Turkish grandmother that was as long as a coked-up Dennis Miller rant. When we stopped at Fontana’s Finest Gyro and Pizza on Northern Blvd, I ran to the Pac-Man machine. This was my first time playing it.

Three years later, I escaped the clutches of my mom, who forced me to watch Dynasty and Falcon Crest, to play Nintendo games.

What I didn’t know then was if it weren’t for video games, I would have ended up gayer than an English professor at the Halloween Parade.


Abbi said...

I like watching the transition between eras. What does it take to go from Disco to Cheese? I think the secret ingredient is sequins.

PS: Branigan could SING. It's time to update with a song about the Beckhams. VICTORIA! I think that you're a cyborg. I think your tan is creepy. You're like an Oompa loompaaaaa!

Jerell said...

Wasn't Gloria sung by Donna Summer?