Monday, February 25, 2008

POLL: Goofy Good or Bad?

The word "goofy" has both negative and positive connotations. So which is it? It would seem goofiness is bad, but wasn't Steve Martin goofy? Sure he was ironically goofy, but still balloon hats are pretty goofy.

That's goofiness at its best. At its worst, it means Gallagher, Carrot Top and the Jerky Boys. Dane Cook is even a little goofy. Indeed, it seems like the cards are stacked against goofiness.

But some of the greatest legends were goofy. Andy Kaufman lip synching to the Mighty Mouse theme? Albert Brooks smashing an egg in his head and doing bad ventriloquism?

I say that goofiness is like mustard or barbecue sauce--it's amazing, but you need something of substance to go with it.



Chase said...

I think that if the comic acts goofy but the material is solid, then its funny and can still work. If the comic is pretty "normal" but the material itself is goofy, that would be bad. If the comedian acts goofy and the material is goofy, that's recipe for Last Comic Standing Audition rejects.

Mo Diggs said...


i saw this guy last night doing a parody of bennie and the jets
britney and the kids

SOOOO lame

but he kept screaming Britney in a high voice

Abbi said...

Goofy is good, all the time. But I love it when goofy is honed and polished, and you take goofy out of your suit pocket and unwrap the silk cloth around it to let it sparkle. Then Harrison Ford says, "That goofy belongs in a museum!" And you say, "You belong in a museum, Dr. Jones," before your chair flips backwards and deposits you in an underground escape route.