Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jokes I Hope Chris Rock Does Not Tell Opening For Metallica

Yes, we know, indie comedians are getting love at indie rock shows. But is this really the next logical step?

Now, Bonnaroo is trying to up its own ante, slotting its first comedian for the main stage at the 2008 event in mid-June. Chris Rock will perform right before Metallica, to what Farman estimates should be 70,000-80,000 people.

It's your move, Chris Rock. You can either tell funny jokes or make shitty Metallica jokes. Call me paranoid, but these are the jokes I'm afraid you'll come up with:

You know shit is fucked up when a bunch of white people is beating each other up and screaming "Master, Master."

Color our world blackened? Shit, you can't even color Brooklyn blackened anymore!

All daddy would get was the big piece of blackened chicken.

Fans called their self-titled 1991 album The Black Album. I call it "the white trash album."


Chris C. said...

Hilarious. I actually laughed reading this. Great writing.

Mo Diggs said...

Thanks man