Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mo’s History of American Alternative Comedy

Check out this great Dead Frog Series I'm writing all week.

Part 1

Part 2

Stay tuned for part 3 later today!


Kreisler said...

Just posted this on DF, wanted to make sure you saw it. Right on, man. Right on...

Mo! I'm loving these.

A comic by the name of Robert Mac put together tours of San Francsico called FootTours, and I had the honor of running one in North Beach, home of the legendary Hungry I, Vesuvio, Purple Onion, etc. when legends of this era played. I'm totally in love with the moments of Bruce, Sahl, et al. - major part of the reason I got into comedy, major part of the reason I started in San Francisco.

In odd timing coincidence, just got back from S.F. where I had a weekend of sold out shows at the (relatively) newly re-opened Purple Onion. First time playing there. Needless to say, I'm glowing. And these postings are reminding me why. Thanks.

Looking forward to more posts...

Abbi said...

Yeah, these posts are great. I'm going to e-mail the male and female halves aaall about it. And they're gonna thank me publicly, and I'm gonna be famous, without ever having to have told a joke. Is that alternative?

Mo Diggs said...

thank y'all