Thursday, November 20, 2008

Remembrance Of Videos Past #62: Sagat, "Funk Dat"

Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock and Rodney Dangerfield have all released songs. Yet none of them are funnier or more emblematic of stand-up comedy than this left-field early '90s lost gem of hip-hop silly. Dropped in 1994, Beavis and Butthead roasted this video, comparing the rapper to 60 Minutes curmudgeon Andy Rooney.

The format of the song:

Sagat says "Question"
Then he bemoans a daily nuisance (getting flyered in the street, pointless phone conversations) in question form.
Then he screams "Funk Dat!" as a nameless little boy with an eyepatch dances and kicks things.

I would love to see some comic update this song.

Why is it that when you get a gift on FaceBook it's all virtual and shit?

If only hip-hop-or any "indie" artist-were this creative and unpretentious today.


Abbi said...

Can't wait to watch this at home! I think you're just the comic to pull this off. How does Amy feel about wearing an eye patch?

Mo Diggs said...

She loves the little boy and wants to adopt him.

Amye said...

I could watch that little boy kick things all day.

Jerell said...

Jackie Mason will drop some mad beats.