Monday, May 21, 2007

Bullshit/Bulltrue: Opal Gunderson, Guitar Virtuoso

I made a new game called Bullshit/Bulltrue. It's like Blufr except it's less addictive. Simply guess if the "fun fact" is true and click on the link to see if you are right.

There was a punk rocker in the '70s with a cult following named Opal Gunderson who, during one concert, got stabbed in the hand and kept playing his bottleneck guitar using the knife jutting out from the palm of his bleeding hand as a guitar pick. Fans appreciated the abrasive, atonal music (even though he cut all the strings after one song and the show [at a bowling alley] ended early) but he was too obscure, as he was part of the very small Eastern Long Island Montauk Point yacht and clipper ship punk scene of the late '70s.

Bullshit or bulltrue?


morris o'brien said...

cool game mate

Mo Diggs said...

Thanks rich