Thursday, May 10, 2007

In The Future Everything Will Play Music

We thought we would be able to talk to computers about love in the 21 century. Now in the 21st century we use computers to download music.

We expected to see who we were talking to on the phone in the 21st century. Now in 21 century we listen to music on cell phones.

Man oh man do we love music. In the future everything will play music

We may see a future with mutants and space travel but it will be nothing like we expected.

"Hey man I'm gonna go to lunar colonies of Titan to watch Nightcrawler wail away on his throbbing musical phallus."

Even the war games of the future will have music

"The Chinese have the nuclear football."
"So? All nations have nuclear weapons in the 22nd century."
"No no; this nuclear football plays an endless loop of Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music at 800 decibels."
"Oh my God! Oh my pagan God!"

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