Friday, May 04, 2007

Peter Parker At The Daily Bugle Staff Meeting

Jonah Jameson: As you may have heard, Jordin Sparks performed at a right to life concert. Did you get in contact with the Arizona Right to Life people yet?

Mary Jane: Yeah I just need artwork (glances at Peter Parker)

Peter Parker: Sorry, I've just been following the Oscorp softball playoffs.

(whispers)We talked about this Peter...

You've been following a company softball game? While those Gothamist fucktards have been covering Braunstein you've been sniffing out Oscorp press releases like a customs dog in Pablo Escobar's asshole?

To be fair Peter's all over the Spiderman premiere.

Please Mary I can defend myself.

Do you know how close I am to having my fist hit the desk?

Um, well is anyone gonna cover the Tribeca Film Festival fiasco?

Now that's a pitch. I want you to call the DA's office...

For a film festival?

I just realized Oscorp owns Sony, which is releasing the Spiderman movie.

On second thought let me leave my fist here, perfectly aligned with your revoltingly chiseled face.

Wow I'm famished. Let's fax an order to Panera.

They're gonna have free turkey dogs at the softball game...

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