Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Found Humor: Web 2.0-No

Found Humor is a new column in which I post things that I find that are funny. These things are either unintentionally funny or slightly funny (ie, a droll Wikipedia entry).

It may seem cheap to make fun of music videos by what we can only assume are struggling musicians, but this video has the classic film countdown reel, opening credits and a little boy playing trumpet. Despite the otherwise literal nature of this video, the singer (Dom Bianco) is dressed like a detective without any obvious motive. Like Inspector Closseau. The same zaftig blondie gesticulates wildly and screams every other second. Watch for the gratuitous footage of his guitar frets. And check him out with the sombrero and umbrella drink.


Anonymous said...

What was he thinking of? Blah blah blah heard enough...(hands over ears)

Good one, Mo! Or should I say bad one Mo! Sooooooo so bad.

Mo Diggs said...

i never knew there was a wrong way to overdub

Jerell said...

Glad to see the copyright credits at the end. I do not want to see this song on illegal file sharing sites and mixtapes.[sarcasm]

That guy looks like Colin Quinn.

Jon Clarke said...

That is the open mic of music videos.

Mo Diggs said...

yeah the maui taco of youtube