Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Mein Einfach Kampf (My Easy Struggle)

I tried to read this Wired article on how social networking is going to embolden social activists, but then I read this line:

Rattray wants to make it easy for people who want to make lasting social change to find opportunities, and to network with others online.

You mean cutting class, smoking grass and making picket signs ain't easy enough? You are a social ACTIVist. Get active for chrissakes.

I am lazier than a three toed sloth on an Oxycontin bender, but I've marched in two, maybe three protests. It is not that hard.

I'm also worried that people are going to romanticize this generation 20 years from now for texting and social networking in service of the revLOLution.

Something tells me black and white agit prop cat videos are not too far behind.


Jerell said...

I googled agit prop, then I laughed.

Mo Diggs said...

should have googled the videos themselves