Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Room With A Vajayjay

I now work at an ob/gyn office (don't ask). My job is to sit in the back and not scare away the female ob/gyn patients or their children. The girls I work with have a very lewd, ribald sense of humor. Frequently, they insinuate that I have a small dick. So I called my girlfriend and asked her to give my coworkers a big penis testimonial. But she refused to vouch for the size of my dingleberry and my coworkers still maintain that I have a tiny taddywacker.

It's not easy having a big brajole either. My girlfriend says my Ed Wood is too big for anal sex or oral sex. Yes, my Barry Sonnenfeld is too big for her in door and her out door. But the girls who work with me at the tweeter mechanic will never believe me.

That story has no end. Neither does my donut duster. Penis thesaurus.


Anonymous said...

a dingleberry is a tiny shitball that hangs from the pubic hair on the edge of your know kinda like dane cook.( i said him , because the other names that really fit it are such pussies i'd get in some sort of trouble for saying their names, cuz theyre all on the new septic tank of comedy--facebook. i never read this shit, but thats how much i respect your talent and hadda see the rest of your story cuz my girl and i keep takin bets that you have a microscopically miniscule miniscus of a member! (god! i'm writing exactly the shit that's ruined comedy...i hate you!!!!)

Mo Diggs said...

you're not my dad!

Andy said...

i feel for you, since it sounds like you may not be feeling that much these days

Mo Diggs said...

you may be my real dad (or my step dad) in which case yikes

Jerell said...

elephant proboscis
london trombone

Abbi said...

Slippery noodle? Neon Slinky?

I've never seen a penis.