Monday, March 09, 2009

Two Things About The Watchmen

It was very good but lemme say two things:

1) Awful soundtrack from start to finish. The extended remix of Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A Changin'" was terrible. And My Chemical Romance at the end? NERD RAGE! (/sarcasm)

2) Now that the movie is out, douchebags have opinions about Watchmen. When Watchmen was a graphic novel only smart people had opinions of the film. Criticisms were well thought out. When I went to see this film, at the end I overheard some hapless fucktard say, "Why did they show the blue guy's junk?"

I can imagine the conversation with his friends on the way home:

"If I stopped bangin' the Silk Spectre my balls would be blue too!"

"IMAX doesn't make everything bigger!"

Dr. Manhattan making a house call for Smurfette


H. Alan Scott said...

i really wanted to like it!

Mo Diggs said...

Please tell me you read the source material. if not please do!

Kevin Tor said...

File me under douchebag. I read the novel. Enjoyed it. I could not stand the movie. So long and dull. Opened so strong too. Oh well.

Mo Diggs said...

You're not a douchebag for not likin the movie. Blue penis homophobia makes you a douchebag