Friday, November 16, 2007

Comedy-Reality? Really?

OK I'll cough up the JuJu Beans: some cool things have come out of this strike. SNL at UCB, Daily Show taking to the YouTube streets. On the flip tip, like a Freedy Johnston song, the sweet is always laced with the bitter. If the WGA does not get their contract soon enough, expect more comedy-reality.

I know, comedy as an adjective with a hyphen, uuugggh.

Though the genre began in earnest with Blind Date, The Surreal Life helped define the genre. Flavor of Love, I Love New York and Rock of Love continue to define the genre.

What genre?

A comedy-reality show is marked by the following characteristics:

music that manipulates viewers to laugh at reality show thespians by playing carnival music in the background

OK that's actually not more than one characteristic. My bust. Much as I hate to envision a future in which such cynical, silicone (CyniCone?) dreck becomes considered the gold standard of TV comedy and scripted comedy goes the way of the Laserdisc ViewMaster, here are some pitches for comedy-reality shows that I would like to pitch in a high pitch drinking a pitcher in a stadium of pitch-black tar:

Smack My Pitch Up: A bunch of hot models pitch reality shows. They pull each other's hair and call each other bitch. Think of the tagline: "These bitches got pitches." At the end of the show, the celebrity judge (Joel Schumacher) says "The End" if you're voted off and "To Be Continued" if you stay.

Municipal Council Of Love: Ten municipal council members get voted off by Pia Zadora until a municipality in the suburbs of Southern California becomes a dictatorship.

She was in that movie.

Love of Love: The hearts of ten different species get systematically punctured by Raquel Welch until one of them is picked as her heart replacement. The black baboon hearts are allegedly represented unfairly.

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