Thursday, November 15, 2007

Out Of Network

Thank you all so much for your e-mails and support. Those who don't know, I've been in the ER. I am currently attached to an IV. While I was in the ER I realized that alternative medicine is like alternative comedy and western medicine is like mainstream comedy.

Both mainstream comedy and medicine are overpriced.

Both alternative comedy and medicine are associated with noisome subcultures (hipsters, hippies respectively)

Mainstream: Accused of valuing money over quality
Alternative: Accused of unlawful posession of marijuana

Mainstream: practitioners make money, getting more respect from society
Alternative: practitioners get more bohemian poon than Vince Gallo at SXSW, getting respect from Fleshbot

Mainstream: make loads of money
Alternative: make loads of money at day job

Mainstream: someone somewhere has morphine
Alternative: someone somewhere has morphine


Bella Rossa said...

Get better, Mo Diggs!!

Mo Diggs said...

Thank you

wait my health or my comedy

Margaret Dodge said...

Mo! I'm sorry to hear it. Hospitals are not fun places. Get out soon!

DiSa said...

What in the hell happened to you? Noooo!

Mo Diggs said...

margaret: i am out already

disa: stomach flu

that looks like an incoherent AIM conversation

Benari said...

Dude. I am glad you have survived. Where can we get little plastic bracelets to show our support for your struggle against stomach flu?

Mo Diggs said...

Live Strange wristbands will be available Dec. 1

Ed Murray said...


I didn't know this ...

Abbi said...

Glad you're better. Bohemian poon. HA! Next time, if I know in advance, I can give you a Hallmark Get Well Soon for Humorous Friend With Irritable Bowels card.