Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Maxim's Review of Dane Cook's Performance in Mr. Brooks

Maxim is one of the few publications to give a positive review of Mr. Brooks. Haven't read the review yet but here's how I imagine it would read.

Bro, Dane Cook's performance bros the competition's out of the water. Dane Cook is full of bro-vado. I got paid to review this film but I'm gonna keep spending money until I'm bro-ke. Bro bro-ke. Cook has worked his ass off - he's paid his dudes. He's just one circle jerk and paddle whack away from bro'in up and becoming a movie star. I hear he likes bromide. No the band the Bro Bremmels. That's it. Anyway, he's overdude for an Oscar. Bro-vo Dane Cook, Bro-vo. Hey they should call it Mr. Cooks. Wait even better: Mr. Bro-ooks. Bro dude Axe Body Spray Hootie.

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Benjamin said...

Is Cooks popularity a sign we should all kill ourselves