Friday, June 22, 2007

Potential Seinfeld Scandals

First Kramer gives a racist rant.

Then Jerry tells a creepy rape joke.

Guess birds of a feather rape bees with forks up their asses together.

Here are some other potential scandals that are bound to put Seinfeld in a negative light:

George Costanza calls for genocide on tall people, or a tall-ocaust.

Elaine pushes Cubans off a raft, screaming "Get out!"

Newman mails "anthrax" to the cast of Thank God You're Here as a prank

The Soup Nazi stops serving matzo ball soup -- and Jews.

Babu is seen pouring hot nacho cheese on Malaysian servants.

J. Peterman bounces a check.

1 comment:

Jerell said...

Worker bees do rape. How else do you explain the queen to produce all those larvae?

Soup Nazi joke. Funny.