Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Germany to MySpace: Talk to Das Hand

MySpace is trying to launch French and German language versions of their social networking site. So far it's been a rocky road. One German explains:

People here think the design is bad and that is important for Germans.

Germans prefer a more pure, white design. Seriously, they have their own version of Facebook.

In Germany, MySpace must compete with Studivz.net, a site aimed at students that works much like the American site Facebook.

It's just like Facebook, except it's not owned by a Jew.

MySpace hopes to win hearts overseas - including the Germans - by promoting the music of each country.

Mr. DeWolfe agrees. “It’s important to have something that reflects the local culture,” he said. Many MySpace hallmarks will remain, like secret shows from bands with pages on the site. But they will feature local artists, selected by local employees.

This should be easy for Germany. Just give a "secret" show with these guys and MySpace will go gangbusters in Krautland.

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