Friday, November 10, 2006

Hey SuFi Heads

Fuck you. With a single middle finger. The analog finger. The antiquated 20th century finger. Even Bush isn't so stupid that he gives a super middle finger in honor of Admiral HackyYukYuk Dane Cook.

Dane Cook is like Jimmy Buffet with his loyal armada of parrotheads. But these SuFi heads are worse because they represent the culmination of the worst contribution of frat boys to comedy: beating a dead horse quicker than a date rape charge.

Remember when "I'm Rick James bitch" was actually funny? Neither do I. Borat is currently going through the fraternization process.

I like.
Very nice.
Wa wa wee wa.

So what if the frat boys are suing? The meatheads of the world will still make sure that every city runneth over with the sound of awful Kazakh accents. But the SuFi is worse because it is an imbecilic mutation of a previously timeless obscene gesture. Of course nobody actually has the intestinal fortitude to use this advanced bird in an actual confrontation. Who wouldn't make fun of such a chromosomally damaged specimen? It's a private joke for the Dane Cook fan club.

"Hey SuFi."
"SuFi to you kind sir. Lord Bertram Cockenberry III of Nottingham, I do presume?"

Just like hippies still follow the Dead, I predict that these SuFiheads will be all over the boardwalk of Atlantic City twenty years from now when Dane Cook does a show at Tropicana. Unless of course they're SuFickle.


sammyray said...

Dane Cook is not fucking funny!!! Damn it, I just don't get the deal with this guy!

My theory: The kids today, desperately searching for the next cool thing among a littered landscape of talentless hacks, latch onto Dane Cook as the only possibility for their generation's Lenny Bruce.

Big fucking mistake, kiddies.

C'mon, what I just said was funnier than anything that Dane Cook ever said, and I am including all of his orifices.

sammyray said...
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Sanjay said...

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