Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Joke Jamming: How to Hijack Mass Media for Your Nefarious Comedic Enjoyment

Similar to culture jamming, joke jamming is when you take something that isn't meant to be funny and, by writing something funny about it on your blog post, turn it into a chuckle factory with cheap labor. The Daily Show probably started this trend, but their focus is news/politics.

Golden Fiddle links to this interview of Larry King interviewing Tom DeLonge (former lead singer of Blink 182), quoting Larry King's funny-on-too-many-levels query:

"Blink 182 - how did that happen?"

I would never watch an interview with either of these numbskulls and I really doubt Larry King wanted anyone to laugh at his interviewing style. But anybody can now appropriate shows, magazines, songs to their own comical ends.

Of course at times we look at shining examples of tough, muckracking, no-bullshit journalism that enriches our understanding of democracy. Examples like this outstanding Bill O'Reilly interview with President Bush.

At 1:58, Bill O'Reilly lets him have it.

"I've got 15 questions for ya. If they're dumb, tell me they're dumb."

A country in which the greatest mind of our nascent millennium can refuse to answer dumb questions? Habeas corpus, you have not died in vain!

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