Monday, November 27, 2006

Hey Veronica Mars

Stop meeting new people and taking GHB. Not only does the new theme song suck major Dick Casablancas, but the show sucks. You worked with a great ensemble (Logan, Wallace, Weevil, Duncan Kane, Mac, your dad). Now you have all these new distractions like Piz.

Yes his name is Piz.

You Sure You Can't Snap a Piz's Neck and Get Candy?

And then we have that newspaper editor, Nish (is Rob Thomas running out of names? I don't think there's a Steve on "Veronica Mars"). I am a freelance contributor for mystery I'mnottelling newspaper and I promise no editor talks like that.

Nish? C'mon Now, Sugar.

Besides Veronica, aren't you in college? Smoke some grass. Maybe have an opium dream and solve crime like Johnny Depp in that shitty Alan Moore adaptation . Or make out with Ms. Napoleon Dynamite.


But do something radically different from what you've been doing. You can't pass/no credit a TV show.


Anonymous said...

Dude, spot on. I've been getting so much crap from fans on my blog cause I have not enjoyed this season at all... and you've hit a lot of the major annoyances on the head there.

And what the hell happened to Weevil's face? Kids, stay off the steroids.

Mo! said...

Yeah Weevil needs to chill but this past episode was OK I admit.