Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hippies vs. Hipsters

Hippies smelled bad, smoked dope and had nasty "free love." But at least they protested in the streets. What will protests do, you ask?

I confess I'm not sure but it's got to be better than what the hipsters are doing. Recap: Iraq is not as bad as Vietnam, but America is more fascist now than it was in the '60s. OK there was that whole civil rights thing. In fairness this fascism is less racist than that of the '60s. Americans of all religions and races are under scrutiny.

Once again, what are the hipsters doing? At best they are watching documentaries, bitching about copyright law on their blogs and making networked psychogeographical performances. Most of them are rolling their eyes at the fact that you just started liking Regina Spektor.

Always One FascistFoot on the Ground

Look, apathy is sooo '90s. Let's at least pretend we care about American fascism. Cuz right now hippies look cooler than you, hipsters. Observe:



Voice of the Hippies

Voice of the Hipsters

Hippie Accomplishments

Civil rights
Women's rights
Gay rights

Hipster Accomplishments

Well, they did play Regina Spektor on "Veronica Mars."


cellosaurus said...

hipsters don't like regina spector. reginia spector is like mainstream mtv.

Thoughts & Tidbits from Lorbo said...

they just don't like her anymore - because everyone else does now.