Thursday, March 15, 2007

Arcade Fire Almost Tops Billboard Charts

At #1 is Biggie. Considering that ten years ago he topped the charts, it couldn't happen to a better man. The beauty of all this of course is Win Butler and Biggie Smalls teamed up to beat up Daughtry (a win [no pun intended] as monumental as Nirvana blowing past Michael Jackson), still holding up at number 3.

Now I know the premise of this blog - besides covering comedy news - is to present original humor that mocks culture. But Chris Daughtry's a walking parody of neo-grunge. Hell, if I didn't know any better I might say he's a comedic performance artist. Watch your back Charlene Yi. I'm in a rush to go back to work so get ready for some intense ironic appreciation.

The real reason Viacom is suing YouTube is because bloggers like me can embed this bullshit on their blogs and spread the gospel of crap.
It is so over.

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