Friday, March 09, 2007

Axis of Evil Comedy Special

Set your TiVos for the Axis of Evil Comedy Special Saturday at 11 PM. It's 4 Middle Eastern comics. In case you don't find some of the comedians funny, at least make sure you check out Iranian Maz Jobrani and fellow Egyptian Ahmed Ahmed.

I am North African-American myself and hopefully I will get picked for the Gutbucket (UCB Open Mike) lottery tonite. Then you can see that I'm funnier than all those guys. Not better looking, but funnier.

Well I'm the funniest Arab anyway. Maz Jobrani is funnier than me but he's Iranian.


Funny Sherif said...

Slow down have to be funnier than my ugly Egyptian-American ass too! Just because I wasn't on the TV special doesn't mean I'm not here. hahahah ;-) Good luck with the open mic!

Funny Sherif said...

I'm uglier than you and I'm funny....and I'm whatcha gonna do?? hehe

Mo Diggs said...

Thanks. I guess I was kidding. Maria Shehata's hilarious too.