Friday, March 02, 2007

Is Hollywood's Comedic Timing Off?

Lets check in with Steve Bryant of The Hollywood Reporter:

Just consider for a moment why "Borat" is passe. We've already had our fun with him online. We've mashed him up, linked to him and blogged about the movie. The cultural "moment" has passed. What can we do with that DVD that we haven't already done?
Since "Borat's" theatrical release, we've been entertained/ enraptured by "Saturday Night Live's" "Dick in a Box," the parody "My Box in a Box," Britney Spears shaving her hair off and the death of Anna Nicole Smith. We watched it online in our cubicles.

Though I agree with his comparison of the Web's "constant media" to Hollywood's "occasional media," I am surprised he neglected TV. TV is a happy medium (no pun intended). For most of the year you get constant media with new episodes of "The Office" every week. But in the summer, we take a break from Mike and Dwight until the fall when the whole web eagerly awaits another season. I think "The Office" brings more people together than "Dick in a Box" (itself a product of NBC).

Either way, Hollywood's comedic timing does seem off. Why wouldn't it be? Comedy is all about being in the moment. Even television allows for that (like Mike O'Connell on Jimmy Kimmel).

Hollywood is about taking the moment and hammering it into a standard theatrical narrative. Even Borat has a plot. Let's say there's a sketch about Cell Phone Girls. Here are the YouTube, TV and Hollywood versions:


Teenage Girl 1: (ringtone goes off playing "Laffy Taffy") AAAAHHHH! I love my cell phone! I love D4L!
Teenage Girl 2: AAAAAH! I know! Tee hee! Pick it up!
T1: No, I want to let it ring a little longer!
T2: I know! Mook B is soooo fine!
T1: (picks up) Hi dad.


Teenage Girl 1: (ringtone goes off playing "Laffy Taffy") AAAAHHHH! I love my cell phone! I love D4L!
Teenage Girl 2: AAAAAH! I know! Tee hee! Pick it up!
Normal Friend: Why do you girls get excited when people call you?
Teenage girl 2: Because we love D4L you prude! You're just jealous cuz no one calls you.
Teenage girl 1: (picks up) Hello?
Normal friend: (blasts Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" into phone with Teenage Girl #1 on other line)


Teenage girl 2: No wonder Brad likes Teenage girl #1 better; she just won the dance-off against Valley Prep. (phone rings on vibrate) Hello? Brad? Look behind me? What are you doing here Brad? Oh my god, you remembered that I love pink jewel encrusted Razor phones that play "Laffy Taffy" by D4L? Lemme try out my new ringtone...AAA-(Brad swoops in for kiss)- AAAAH! I love you Mook B!


Orhan Kahn said...

Very insightful post.

I was suprised to learn the most recent episode of the Office was the season finale. It certenly didn't feel like one.

LOL @ Dwight-out-of-nowhere: 'don't break up'.

Mo Diggs said...

Sad news. Next week is the season finale of Sarah Silverman.