Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Guest Blogger: Retarded Vampire

I am very busy at work today so my guest blogger is Retarded Vampire, who is not gainfully employed.

Good evening dear readers. How, you may ask yourself in your head, can me, who feels burny in the light that comes not from a flashlight but from a sun, how me can blog in the daytime? I don’t know. I am burning. Donate blood real quick to 14 Driggs Ave., Williamsburg, OOO!OWWWW!!!!!!

Wait; I am now moved computertop lap into darky loft. Good. So anyway please donate your blood to me. This feels like I should call it a blood pledge drive. So please donate your blood to reader-supported Mo!Comedy.

WIAT! Let me think hardy about things that are interesting – make that Internetisting.

Do these guys think of Blackula funnily?

Wait for it- Robert Ghoulet. I kill me—WIAT I’m immortal. Bwahaha!

Webmaster I want for site idea: BloodFeed

How come no Undead Frog?

This site will make you tremble with laughter in way that you clutch your sides and go to hospital because your stomasch is ripped open. Then maybe you can find it in your heart to donate blood?

Vampire cell phone sucks electricity. Ooh, never tried electricity. Meh, tastes like battery.

VAT! Make fun of foreigners? I will bring my Freddy Krueger ventriloquist doll to your show, slice you with ventriloquist doll then, ok I forgive you. Please send me blood as Facebook gift. Vampire poke!

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