Monday, October 29, 2007

Worst Funk Awards

Worst Funk Philosophy Book: I Think Therefore I Jam, written by Dr. Souls

Worst Funk President: Abrajam Stinkin

Worst Funk Novel: Jamerican Psycho, Bret Easton Smellis

Worst Funk Comedy Tour: Non-def Comedy Jam

Worst Funk Vegan Band: Beat Is Murder

Worst Funk Social Networking Site (three-way-tie): MyBass; BassBook; Funkster

Worst Funk Computer: The Mack 3000

Worst FunkGadget: The iFunk

Worst Prime Minister of Funk: Mahmoud Ahmadineslam of Ijam

I want you to join Uncle Jam’s Army


RG Daniels said...


Abrajam stinkin--

Mo Diggs said...

I guess that's the best of the worst

RG Stankiels