Monday, July 17, 2006

Bush Forgets What Microphones Do Again

Perhaps Dubya thinks of microphones as phallic objects and doesn't like to think of them too much because he would feel gay if he did. Either way, he dropped a #2 out of his mouth when talking about Hezbollah "privately" with Tony Blair.

You'd think I like the poetic justice of the world eavesdropping on one of Bush's "private" conversations, but I love the stuffy British anchorwoman saying shit.

courtesy of Sinner's Guide to the Evangelical Right, the blog of an upcoming book from the author of The Hipster Handbook, the book that changed New York forever.


Cibbuano said...

did you ever see that Southpark where they say 'shit' on TV?

GW opened the door for shit to be an accepted word...

Mo! said...

yup absolutely

u know, bush is punk rock in an autocratic, evangelical sort of way

BTW what's australia like?

Dania said...