Thursday, July 20, 2006

My First Daily Show Link

Usually I don't link to the Daily Show, but this video is exceptional. John Hodgman sticks up for the corporations and their fight to kick anti-corporate slimeballs.

Couple of interesting things: is interesting because it seems like that was a dig at Time-Warner, Viacom's (owner of Daily Show) biggest competititor in comedy.

On the one hand Time Warner owns Adult Swim which has such alterna-tastic gems as Tom Goes to the Mayor and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. HBO also has Lucky Louie. And they had a show that alternative comedy fans reluctantly admit to watching: Mr. Show.

Viacom has Daily Show, released the CD for Invite Them Up and is developing a cartoon by David Cross and Jon Benjamin. All these are Comedy Central projects. MTV in the early '90's had a sketch show that downtown comedy fans vageuly remember and rarely quote called The State. Oh, and VH-1 has Best Week Ever.

So who's more indie-tastic? Today, Viacom is for that awesome John Hodgman video alone. Maybe if Time-Warner focused less on dude-tastic meathead garbage like Tourgasm, or their upcoming project "Woman-Hating Bad Boy Comics Going on Man-Dates at Sports Authority" they would get my vote.


Cibbuano said...

I've never seen the Daily Show - just clips on blogs and YouTube... it's brilliant, and I think all our news should be delivered in this highly entertaining manner.

ted stevens... whatta guy!

Mo! said...

Ted Stevens is sort of right

Internet is a series of tubes

YouTubes making fun of him

uber oreo said...

How in the world did I miss this on the original airing? And how awesome was what Stewart was doing with the "and what type of computer would you be". priceless.