Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Comedy Pal Playing at Rififi

Lucas Held, whom I've linked to before is playing at Rififi tonight.

Check out his hilarious video The Cure.

Not enough? Fine check out his sitcom pitch. It's about abortion (tee-hee).

Lucas Held will be at the Summer Tuesdays show at Rififi (332 E11th st) 8 PM.


Ben said...

Holy... something.

Is anything sacred? (I immediately ask myself, "What will this video make people think about abortion? That it is a tragedy? That it's a joke?" It's kind of a Rorschazhchsedd(sp?) test.)

The TV exec squeezing on the muffin was AWESOME.

It's a crazy world.

Mo! said...

Yeah, that muffin scene is great. And the laugh track - those thingies make me laugh.

Cibbuano said...

that was surreal...but pretty entertaining.

Ben said...

I think... I think I get it:

It's a parody of comedians in the year 2006, desperately searching for the last remaining sacred cows to slay, which comedians themselves have driven nearly to extinction.

But is a joke about a joke about abortion still just using the sacred to create the frission of blasphemy?

Cause blasphemy is pretty much the lowest form of humor. "Name something that you care about deeply... oh yeah, well that thing you care about is stoooopid!"

Another part I like: at the end, the pause for the second "Awww!"