Monday, July 10, 2006

Trendy Comics Part II

Dane Cook became famous through Napster and MySpace as well as through touring. At one point, the only person who had more friends than Dane was Tom Anderson - founder of MySpace - who's everybody's friend by default.

Now, he's #14 on the list of daily top comedians. But the burning question remains:

Who - but who - are the trendiest living alternative comics on MySpace?

Assuming we exclude dead comics like Mitch Hedberg (at a very ironic #7) and comedy duos like Tim and Eric (#33), here are the top 5 hippest MySpace alternative comics:

5) Sarah Silverman (#27)
4) Mike Birbiglia (#18)
3) Zach Galifianakis (#15)
2) Demetri Martin (#11)
1) Brian Posehn, the tenth most popular comedian on MySpace.


The only comic from the Google trends top 5 who doesn't have a MySpace page is David Cross. Considering his anti-disestablishmentatrian outlook, it's not hard to see why. But Patton Oswalt has a profile on Rupert Murdoch's restricted sex offender networking mecca. Yet, he didn't even crack the top 100.

Though I'm tempted to say that guys like Cross and Oswalt are too old for MySpace, why is Brian Posehn - who worked with Cross on Mr. Show and who is on Patton Oswalt's top eight - the hippest?

Did you see that video on his profile? Where he rips nu metal a nu asshole?

But, let's see who's in the top five in general:

5) Dave Chapelle
4) Tourgasm (Dane Cook's new nickname)
3) George Lopez
2) Jim Gaffigan (fuckin good for fuckin him itsabouttyme)



Larry the FUCKING Cable Guy

(Nervous) Breakdown:

I feel the Chapelle profile is bullshit; it says he's Christian, but he converted to Islam years ago. The only surprise about Tourgasm is it isn't #1 (or that it beat out Dane Cook). George Lopez is actually a solid traditional comic who tells lively anecdotes. Jim Gaffigan is just a funny sunuvabitch.

Larry the Cable Guy, fuckin, how many friends does he have? 129,405.

Yep, Larry the Cable Guy has over a hundred thousand friends. Let's see what the buzz is all about:

OK, so you couldn't watch the whole thing. Neither could I. Let's look at some of his friend's comments:

i look exactly like u but shorter i way less and i dont have a beard

my hole enitre family loves u an ur everybody in my hole town does to u should try to come here were all southern so u should love us.

THANX 4 poppin outa my berf day cake .. U rock.! ...

Git-R-Done Eh!! Canadian Rednecks luv ya too!

Oh well, so much for the wisdom of crowds.

Moral of the story: fuck trends; fuck the scene; laugh at what you want to laugh at; obey your thirst - drink Sprite - I mean Sierra Mist

UPDATE: They don't list that one page where Dane Cook has over one million friends for whatever reason. Anyway, he's the most popular on MySpace. He's got more friends than Larry the Cable Guy and Carlos Mencia combined.


Carolyn said...

Nice plug at the end. The question is how many of the top comics on myspace are in the Sierra Mist commercials?...

Mo! said...

Well, I reckon Larry the Cable Guy would rather promote ripple and cough syrup.

Cibbuano said...

man, I can't get enough of David Cross... did you listen to his last standup album?

beach said...

think this is cross's myspace page

not like it matters.


Mo! said...

Cibb: Yes, I heard the last David Cross albuml; excellent. Although electric scissors do have a purpose, if you cut, say, 500 things a day, it could lead to arthritis.

beach: That account was deleted. Probably a David Cross imposter, which is nothing new of course.

Cibbuano said...

mmmm, tasteless, odourless gold.

To eat!

- D. Cross